Publix Passport – Log in to (Associate Portal)

Are you trying to access Publix PASSport from a personal device? Visit (the Publix Supermarkets, Inc. associate portal) and log in using your user ID or email address (Example: [email protected]) and password.

Publix Passport is secure from unauthorized access. This private system is only accessible to Publix support and store associates. New to Publix? Feel relaxed and comfortable accessing information from the page.

The Publix employee login page title is “great place to work“, which is correct. It is designed for Publix associates as a great place to help schedule overview, paid time-off benefits, 401(K) innovative plans, employee stock purchase plans, retirement plans, insurance plans, Publix news, and more.

Note: If your positions will be changed, your login format might have been updated. Please get in touch with your manager to verify “whether your position qualifies for email access or not.”

What is Publix Passport?

The Publix Passport is an employee self-service system that electronically handles the records of Publix associates. Publix is not a small supermarket chain.

More than 255000 employees work in Publix’s 1373+ employee-owned American Supermarket stores. To handle the activities of Publix associates, Publix launched a one-stop portal.

The PublixPassport official website is After successfully logging into this website, you will overview your schedule (date, time, and hours), swipe shift, check pay stub, paid time off, parental leave pay, bereavement level, jury duty leave, and more employee benefits.

Publix Associate Login at Publix.Org Portal

STEP 1. To log in to the Publix Passport, visit

STEP 2. Click on the log-in button that you see below the image.

Publix Passport Login
Publix Passport Login

STEP 3. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Greater Place to Work login page.

STEP 4. Enter your Publix User ID or email address.

Publix Passport
Publix Passport

STEP 5. Click the Next button.

STEP 6. Type your password and press the Sign in button.

Publix Passport LoginVisit Official Page
Official Website

How do I reset my Publix Passport Login Password?

Publix PASSport existing users, if you need to reset your password, you need a device for 2-step verification. Below, I will show you the step-by-step guide to getting back into your account.

  • Step 1. Go to the Microsoft reset password request page (
  • Step 2. Enter your Username or Email.
  • Step 3. Type the captcha display on the screen and click on the Next button.
  • Step 4. These step requirements will be displayed after the verification of submitted details.

Keep following the on-screen instructions to reset your password successfully.

Set Up 2-Step Verification Now!

Two-step verification is required for all Publix PASSport users. Without this, you cannot access PASSport on your device. It enhances the security level of your online account, where your sensitive data is stored.

How do I set up 2-step authentication for my Plulix PASSport account?

New to Publix? Are you going to set up a 2-step verification for the PASSport account? Let me guide you. How could you provide an extra layer of security to your online account?

  • Take your smartphone and install the Microsoft Authenticator App.
  • Open the app, click OK, then Add your first account and leave it.
  • Go to the Microsoft Publix login page.
  • Log in with your User ID or email address and password.
  • Open the Security Info page.
  • Click Add Method.
  • Select the method and click Add.
  • The Microsoft Authenticator page will open; click on Next.
  • The “Set up your account” page has a Next button click.
  • A QR code will appear on your system screen; scan it with the help of your phone camera.
  • Click Next on the QR code showing the screen.
  • The additional security verification page will open; click the Next button.
  • Hereafter, it would help if you went to the app device to see the sign-in request.
  • Select your country code on the Microsoft login page, add your phone number, and click Don. Now you have done it.

2-Step Verification Setup using Text Message or Voice Call

If possible, set up first-time 2-step verification using text messages or voice calls. Whether you are in a Publix network or a personal network, follow the given instructions:

  1. Open the Publix PASSport login page.
  2. Sign in using the valid credentials.
  3. Click Next on the More Information Required page.
  4. Hereafter, choose I want to set up a different method”.
  5. Now, select the Phone.
  6. Select the country code, type your phone number, and choose how to receive the verification code.
  7. Click on the Next button.
  8. Enter the verification code you receive via the chosen method (text message or call).
  9. Press the Next button.
  10. Wait until your code is verified and click Next.

You have successfully set up the 2-step verification via text, SMS, or Call.

How 2-Step Verification Works?

  • First, Publix associates log in to the PASSport.
  • You will receive a code via SMS, email, or authenticator app.
  • Enter the received code to verify your 2-step authentication and be eligible to access your account.

How do I enable the phone login (without password) option?

  • To enable the passwordless phone login option, open the Microsoft Authenticator App.
  • Select your account.
  • Select “Enable phone sign-in”.
  • Log into Publix PASSport and select “Other way to sign in.” This process will take a few minutes, so wait.
  • Click “Approve a request on my Microsoft Authenticator App”.
  • The process is complete; you can log in with a passwordless login.

About Publix Super Markets Inc.

Publix Super Market Inc., whose trade name is “Publix,” is an American private, employee-owned supermarket chain. George W. Jenkins started the company in 1930.

Today, more than 1373 Publix stores are located in Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, and North and South Carolina.

The Publix headquarters is located in Lakeland, Florida, US. It employs over 255000 associates. Publix associates collaborate to keep the store running smoothly each day and perform various tasks for Publix. To know more about Publix, visit


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Email: [email protected]
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Retirement 401(K) PlanCall: 1-888-401k-PLN (1-888-401-5756)
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1-800-741-4332 (toll-free)
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Lost your device
Contact I/S customer support 
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When I type my User ID on the sign-in page, it shows an error, what should I do?

The user ID you entered may be incorrect. Log in again and type the correct user ID. Again, if it shows as incorrect, contact your admin.

Is 2-step Verification Required if I access PASSport on my device?

Yes, 2-step verification is required to access Publix PASSport using your device.

What is the role of Publix Emergence InfoLine?

Publix associates, if you have any kind of emergency like check-in, to learn about your work location, date, time, etc., feel comfortable calling 1-877-PUBLIX1 (782-5491) during any emergency.


The Publix PASSport self-service website plays the most significant role in the professional life of Publix associates. Logging in is required on to access any information online—your schedule, paystub, benefits, retirement and stock plans, etc. In this article, you will find the login process, 2-factor authentication, a reset password, and more helpful information.