Publix PASSport App – Download Publix PRO

Who can download the Publix PRO App? Store associates (employees) can download and install the Publix PASSport app. It is a voluntary tool. This app is incompatible with Windows phones, and Microsoft Authenticator is required to access Publix PRO.

How do you get the Publix Passport App? It is unavailable on the App Store or Play Store, so you cannot download or install it from there.

Are you new to the Publix store and don’t know how to download the Publix PASSport app? I’ll guide you through the process. The accurate and complete downloading process is available here. So, without any confusion or doubt, you should follow these instructions.

Publix Passport App for Android and iPhone Users

Android: If you use an Android phone, it supports version 7.0 and above operating system.

To download and install the App, navigate to Android instructions. After downloading the app, go to settings and turn off the Unknown Sources service.

Apple iPhone: If you are an Apple or iPhone user, it supports operating systems version 13.0 and above.

To download and install the Publix PRO app on your iPhone, navigate to Apple instructions.

Publix PRO App Download and Install

The Publix PRO PASSport app is significant and influential in Publix store employees’ professional lives.

Every store associate knows how this app helps to manage Publix store stocks. Store associates access it only to handle store stock-related tasks.

Publix Passport App
Publix Passport App
Android LinkVisit Here
iPhone LinkVisit Here

Publix PASSPort PRO for Android Phones

  • Open the Publix website and search for the pro app option.
  • Now, under the Publix Pro app, click on Android instructions.
  • Now, a download link will be available on that page.
  • In the next step, you will receive a warning about the file download, so click OK.
  • Click the Download complete notification.
  • At last, click the Install.

Publix PASSport PRO for iPhones

  • Open the Publix website and search for Publix Pro.
  • Now click on iPhone instructions.
  • Next, a page with the download link will open.
  • Download the app and then click on the Install.
  • Go to the app settings, General, and VPN & Device Management.
  • Click Enterprise App and then Publix Super Market Inc.
  • Click on “Trust” and then “OK“.

Publix PRO App Work

In this heading, you will see “What can you do with the Publix PASSPort App”. With the help of this work-related app, you can do:

  • Through Publix PRO, you can create item lists that help restock shelves.
  • It helps to check the stock of an item at nearby stores.
  • View the quantity of items available in the stock.
  • Check where the item is located in the store.
  • Check the product orders and the number of orders.
  • Check the latest delivery date.
  • Assign tasks to yourself and other users available in the store.
  • Store associates can see product information on behalf of name, description, and price.


Is the Publix PRO App free?

Yes, it’s completely free to all the Publix store associates. Publix PRO app is used only by authorized users during the company.

Does the Publix Pro app work on Windows phones?

No, it’s not compatible with Windows phones.

Is the Publix PRO App mandatory for all associates?

No, this app is designed and launched only for the specific Publix departments.

Is logging in to the Microsoft Authenticator required to access the app?

Yes, it’s necessary.

I have iPhone version 12.0 operating system, can I download the app?

No, the operating system requirement for iPhone users is 13.0 and above.

Who can access the Publix PRO?

Publix Store employees can access the pro app.


The Publix Passport PRO app is free and easy to download. To install it, follow a simple process. Take your Android or iPhone and follow the overhead downloading steps to enjoy the benefits of this store associate app.

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